About Oraca

A new breed of independent research group

ORACA Independent Equity Research has pioneered a hybrid model combining sell side equity research with elements of consultancy. The benefit of this model is that our clients receive our unbiased expertise customised to their specific needs. Our innovative research methodology is designed to assist clients at any point in the valuation and investment process.

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ORACA’s independent ethos

ORACA does not broke stock, provide corporate finance advice to listed companies, or undertake consultancy work involving valuations other than independent valuations. However, our team does work in partnership with houses that provide these equity services under their own brands.

ORACA Independent Equity Research revenues are not incentivised by the deal only by quality analysis and due diligence. Our Valuations are established via a thorough analysis executed by our Core Team and where pertinent, our Advisory Board.

ORACA has an independently verifiable record of unbiased views that precede price turning points in individual equities.

ORACA has conducted over 120 live interviews in respect of telco and technology research carried by various media channels and covering eight years of analysis. Around 60 of these interviews can be accessed either via your Bloomberg terminal or on YouTube.

ORACA Independent Research provides highly focused equity research services and carries out flexible bespoke valuation assignments presented in the style of sell side research.

Working with ORACA Independent Equity Research minimises investment bias thereby reducing investment risk.